Multilayer Coating Technologies, Inc
Multilayer Coating Technologies, Inc
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サPartner Pledge

When you partner with MultiLayer Coating Technologies, we ensure that our collaboration is productive and satisfying by adhering to three simple principles.
  • Bringing an open mind to our process development
  • Confidentially sharing our mutual technical knowledge
  • Offering an open line of communication from the start to the successful finish of your project
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When you work with MultiLayer Coating Technologies, you get one advantage you can't find at any other coating facility in the world. MultiLayer Coating Technologies professionals. In fact, it's difficult to overestimate the role that our process engineers, scientists, product specialists, and finishing experts play in the success of every coated product.

Through years of experience dedicated to high-volume, high-quality coating projects, our staff has encountered and conquered virtually every technical challenge imaginable. If you're developing a new product, you'll find them an indispensable source of ideas and industry know-how.

Make us a partner in your success.

If your standards are as high as ours -- if you want the highest quality manufacturing expertise that will get your product to market smoothly and quickly -- consider the advantages of partnering with MultiLayer Coating Technologies. Since our roots in photography, we've fostered a tradition of innovation, industry savvy and initiative. Today, nothing has changed. So why not take advantage of one of the world's most technically advanced media manufacturing facilities? Make MultiLayer Coating Technologies your partner for success.

Technical development capability includes engineering and technical expertise in web coating, fluid design, defect resolution, and scale up processes. And we can move you into full scale production faster than anyone.

Supply Chain management is second nature at MCT, and our information systems can interface with others for visibility and traceability.

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