Multilayer Coating Technologies, Inc
Multilayer Coating Technologies, Inc

MultiLayer Coating Technologies is Offering Trade Secret Coating Applicators For Sale

Multilayer Coating Technology LLC, purchased coating assets and technology in its entirety from Polaroid Corporation in 2006. The technology to manufacture and use coating applicators was the core of Polaroid's manufacturing expertise developed over 60 years.

The applicator inventory is available for sale. Inquiries should be directed to

The coating precision and ability to handle a wide range of fluids made possible with these applicators (also know as dies) is unmatched outside of a few companies. While originally developed for photographic applications, the coating technology was modified and applied in a variety of markets on a contract production basis for several decades. The technology enables high precision tolerances of +/- 2% cross web up to 62 inches (1.57 meters) on coating thicknesses of 75 nanometers to several mils. The slot applicators are capable of controlling fluids from 1 cps to 10,000 cps, making the coating technology highly versatile and often eliminating the need for other coating methods. The slot technology is more versatile and precise than that available from commonly purchased applicator dies.

Coating heads can be used in existing coating lines or those being fabricated. All of the applicators have been reconditioned to new specifications.

For more than 50 years Polaroid Corporation created and applied innovative coating technology to products that range from consumer and professional imaging media to supersensitive high resolution medical diagnostic films. You may not know Polaroid helped companies in a variety of non photographic industries create and manufacture highly complex products. MultiLayer Coating Technologies was formed from the Polaroid assets and people, and is now fully dedicated to custom coating services.

Medical X-RayUsing high speed flexible web converting equipment, MCT can deliver extremely cost effective solutions for multilayer coated structure needs. Typical flexible substrates coated on a web include polyester film (PET), bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), polycarbonate film, metalized film, and coated paper. With a clean room manufacturing environment, extensive environmental and process controls, and a number of specialized certifications, we are an exceptional resource

We're offering our state of the art facilities and technical expertise for your most difficult and complex coating challenges. We can help you with process development in a rapid product prototyping environment and speed your time to market.

In addition to access to exceptional talent in materials and manufacturing process technology, you can leverage MCT assets: extensive pilot capability, world class precision coating and drying equipment, finishing and packaging capability, and a sophisticated supply chain management system. We can help with contract manufacture, starting with chemical design, preparation, and mixing to scale up, full scale coating, and slitting and finishing. Many of our customers have avoided large investments in capital equipment by using our services.

LCD MonitorWe custom coat for a variety of companies in industries that use high speed coating and processing of flexible substrates. These industries extend well beyond imaging -- medical, optical, electronics, display, specialty packaging, energy, filtration, and more. We engage in cooperative product development, with special expertise in product innovation, scale up, and cost reduction of many layer coatings.

To learn more about how MultiLayer Coating Technologies can help you design and build cost effective precision products, contact us today at or use the contact form on this site. Let 50 years of coating experience work for you.

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