Multilayer Coating Technologies, Inc
Multilayer Coating Technologies, Inc
Unique capability to coat both sides of a web with multiple precision thickness coatings in one pass -- in a clean room environment

Tour our plant in New Bedford, Massachusetts and you'll find a state-of-the-art facility with the most sophisticated equipment in the industry. Using our proven processes for multiple layer coating, we're actively producing products with aqueous and solvent coatings in tandem -- or in virtually any combination.

Our New Bedford facilities include automated high precision slot die, gravure, and multi-layer cascade coating for both solvent and aqueous materials. We specialize in lean manufacturing techniques and have the infrastructure to maximize yield and offer you high quality output. Our equipment and our experience reflect an ability to deal with high degrees of complexity in product structures.

While few coating facilities can apply multiple coating layers in a single pass, we specialize in making that advanced process work to our customers' advantage. By minimizing set-up time and offering a greater opportunity to fine-tune quality control, our wide-format capability (up to 63 inch) lets us offer you higher quality coating at lower cost. And by increasing the number of operations we can perform simultaneously, we make the most of your production time -- and investment dollar.

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