Multilayer Coating Technologies, Inc
Multilayer Coating Technologies, Inc
People, Process, Partnership

Our history: MultiLayer Coating Technologies, Inc. (MCT) was formed through the purchase of Polaroid Corporation advanced coating technologies and facilities in 2006. Polaroid has coated precision products for other industries for several decades, and MCT absorbed these relationships to continue as a dedicated contract manufacturing company.

Our employees have an average tenure of over 25 years, during which they have developed and applied trade secret coating technology to a multitude of products Our technical staff includes a number of scientists and engineers at the Ph.D. level, with experience serving a broad range of product developments.

Our trade secret technology has been developed in house and supplemented with external sources over many years. Crucial parts of process equipment continue to be manufactured in house.

Manufacturing equipment is unmatched in the flexible web coating industry. All operations are conducted in a Class 400 clean room environment or better. The flexibility of our equipment and experience of our people allows for the production of both large and small orders with a full range of coating, slitting and packaging facilities. Both aqueous and solvent coatings can be applied in as many as six in line stations, with the ability to coat either side at any station at levels of precision not available anywhere in the world. Fluid delivery systems and coating methods have been extended into as many as 20 precision layers in one pass.

Product development and scale up capability includes an ability to conduct trials in a narrow width/full production coater environment. This makes possible a highly cost effective/short lead time path for product development and full manufacture capability.

Industries served include medical, display, electronics, security, defense, energy, and imaging of all types in addition to Polaroid branded products.

We look forward to partnering with you to solve the challenges of your coating needs.

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